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Posted by: Thelonius Flash ( The Carrot Foundation, UK ) on September 07, 1997 at 13:22:58:

In Reply to: How much suffering has Helen Steele served up? posted by just observing on August 28, 1997 at 09:40:10:

The difference between Alcohol and McDonalds is that when you buy a drink you are well aware of the dangers involved. Alcohol carries (in your country at least) a government issued health warning which informs all thoose who are literate of the dangers. There is also evidence to show the effects that it has as people have been consuming for the past 3 thousand years. Furthermore there is legislation in place which protects the easily influnced, i.e. the young, from the detrimental effects of such a substance. Neither of these are the case with the fast food industry and the exploit it all the way to the bank. Whilst their product is probably equally detrimental as alcohol they are under no obligation to inform consumers of this fact, they are instead quite legally able to lie through their teeth and exploit the easily led.
This, in my opinion, makes them as bad as the hitlers and mansons of this world, as they are guilty of irresponsibly exploiting their power without giving a thought (or a care) as to rammifications beyond their profit margins.

Finally comparing Helen Steele to Hitler, manson et al is a comment which I find both ludicrous and highly insulting. By that warped logic we should also compare all car salemen to evil killers as the cars they sell, kill thousands of people each year in road accidents. If one continually persues such a line of attack against the McLibel 2, you will soon end up in the realms of playground insults.

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