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Animal rights, plant rights, money, guilt

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( U.S.A. ) on November 24, 1997 at 10:41:35:

In Reply to: capitalism ignores these rights to make bigger profits posted by (dyslekic) Dave on November 19, 1997 at 17:13:36:

: Look since we are all animals, granting animals rights also gives us rights too.
: The point is that animals do have rights, its just that capitalism ignores these rights to make bigger profits.

Since we are all animals and not plants, plants' rights will be violated because they have no voice to speak for them. How fair is it to deny a plant it's rights becuase it is mute? Is this as ludicrous to you as your assertion is to me? Maybe you need to spell out the justification for claiming you are an animal. I am not. The only right an animal has is to not be killed for the pleasure of men.

: If you colude(?) in the denial of anyones / anythings rights you are inevitably lessening your own rights.

: North American immegrants denide the aboriginal indians their lands rights, now they ( the immegrants) find in a slightly more liberal regime that they are having to give the land back that they stole. In other words they don't have the right to the land.

: Do you understand ?

I understand that whoever has the biggest gun gets the land. What would be your criterion for establishing any meaningful, long term ownership of land? Rule of law protects those who currently own their property from others within their own society. Stealing can only happen within that context. If I am wrong, then we have to consider the logical extreme of your view by looking back to the dawn of civilization. As man spread out to fill the lands they finally covered the land. Did they own it then? If population increases strained the land's capacity to supply the needs of those in a hunting and gathering society such that they fought over territoy, was the newly aquired property stolen?

: Why shouldn't people value the lives of all living things equally?
: I imagine you probably find it convinient to ignore the rights of living things when they get in your way / cost you more money.

If you HAD to choose between killing a mouse or a man what would you choose? You would pick the man and don't tell me otherwise.

: Free range eggs cost more because the animals are treated properly, you should not be allowed to eat battery eggs just because its cheeper. If you can't afford to eat free range meat and eggs etc. You will have to go with out ,

I won't have to go without because your viewpoint cannot prevail to the point of affecting policy. My cheap eggs are safe.

: Instead of abusing loads of animals for your tastes. 80% of the world owned by 20% of the population are you free from guit . Your very existance is an abuse of millions of peoples rights. So is my existance but at least I understand why and am trying to do something about it on EVERY level.

Your guilt will not be assuaged by not eating meat. It may take 20 years for you to figure it out but your guilt goes beyond being an American. Way beyond!

: Eat the rich!

A man = a chicken

A chicken > a rich man

So, the bottom line is once again money and the way liberals covet it just like every one else. Guilt.

Stuart Gort

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