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Welcome back, Stu

Posted by: The Everett Citizen ( IWW, OBU ) on November 25, 1997 at 19:20:49:

In Reply to: Animal rights, plant rights, money, guilt posted by Stuart Gort on November 24, 1997 at 10:41:35:

Hope all is well, and you are recovering from your car accident. Just a few points:

The only right an animal has is to not be killed for the pleasure of men.

Everett Citizen:
The vast majority of meat eaten is for the pleasure of men & women. Very little (if any) meat is required for a healthy diet. Most meat that is eaten is a luxury and a "pleasure." I think fewer would eat meat if they didn't have an underclass to kill it, clean it, wrap it and display it in as non-animal-like fashion as possible for them.

: I understand that whoever has the biggest gun gets the land. What would be your criterion for establishing any meaningful, long term ownership of land? Rule of law protects those who currently own their property from others within their own society. Stealing can only happen within that context. If I am wrong, then we have to consider the logical extreme of your view by looking back to the dawn of civilization. As man spread out to fill the lands they finally covered the land. Did they own it then? If population increases strained the land's capacity to supply the needs of those in a hunting and gathering society such that they fought over territoy, was the newly aquired property stolen?

Everett Citizen:
There is not yet a shortage of land, only a glut of "ownership" by greedy people who "own" more than they need suppliy their needs. They "own" more than they need so they can profit from those who "own" none. Ownership is less relevant than access and equality. You are accurate when you describe laws as protection of property from those who have none. So lets change it!

Our UK Friend:
: : Free range eggs cost more because the animals are treated properly, you should not be allowed to eat battery eggs just because its cheeper. If you can't afford to eat free range meat and eggs etc. You will have to go with out ,

: I won't have to go without because your viewpoint cannot prevail to the point of affecting policy. My cheap eggs are safe.

Everett Citizen:
Says who? When enough people are concerned with right and wrong, factory "farming" will indeed be a thing of the greedy past. Cheap and safe? Cheap to you, not so cheap to the egg producers and farmers forced out of business by factory methods. Safe? Don't hold your breath. Hormones, antibiotics, drugs, and untold additives, not to mention the stressful "living" conditions of factory "farmed" animals all have effects on the quality of the product. (How is it people can see the deceptions and manipulations of "big tobacco" and not see that the same things apply to "big egg" "big meat" "big beer" "big produce" or "big anything" ???)

: So, the bottom line is once again money and the way liberals covet it just like every one else. Guilt.

Everett Citizen:
So once again the bottom line IS money. And the way those with a concience OPPOSE the concentration of it and the abuses that result from the concentration of it. Who's really guilty?

Welcome back, Stu.

Mike, The Everett Citizen

: Stuart Gort

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