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That's only one step from where you are now - idealistically.

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on August 17, 1998 at 01:46:45:

In Reply to: Okay. I think I'll be a cannibal. posted by Mike on August 16, 1998 at 00:35:38:

: Fine, Stuart -- when you stop enslaving animals in factory farms and spilling their blood in slaughterhouses (i.e., when you will live peaceably with them), we'll stop criticizing you for eating meat.

Do a survey Mike. Stand out on a street corner and ask people whether they eat meat or not. Then write me back and say that quite nearly everyone in the whole world is morally whacked in the head except for you. If you become a cannibal, you will enter a group only slightly more exclusive than the one you are in now. I wonder if you'll ponder this question for me. In a world that until only
recently had the luxury of enough excess time in which to formulate such nonsensical viewpoints, does the historical lack of purely vegetarian cultures suggest anything to you? Was then the whole of pre-vegan human existence immoral? Does your basis of morality stem from written law, majority opinion, or God? You must pick one of those. If you do then you are wrong because all of those choices conflict with your version of morality.

Your personal opinion is no basis for determining morality. If you think it is then there really isn't any point in condemning my actions. My opinion is just as valid as yours. Therefore, injecting morality into the carcass you call a position to bolster your opinion is like trying to put the blood back in the animal I'm about to eat. You have no moral high ground here and you hurt your cause trying to claim it. The more you claim that you are right while God and the vast majority says otherwise the less claim you have of a moral position. You've gutted and cleaned your own argument.

Stuart Gort

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