[McLibel] McSpotlight Quiz, Tasty Prizes

From: McSpotlight (info@mcspotlight.org)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 15:53:49 GMT

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    --Win McLibel Party Pack on new McSpotlight Quiz--

    Win yourself a bumper McLibel party pack (inc. the McLibel documentary, book
    and CD-ROM) by answering 22 easy questions on McSpotlight's new online quiz:


    a couple of teasers to whet your appetite:

    Q. According to McDonald's UK Vice-President, what are living conditions
         like for battery chickens laying eggs for Egg McMuffins?

          a. "Appalling"
          b. "Tolerable "
          c. "Pretty comfortable"

    Q. What did Dick Starmann, McDonald's Senior Vice-President, work as
         before joining McD's? (Clue: he was one of two people sent from the US to
         hold secret settlement negotiations with Helen and Dave during the
    McLibel Trial)

         a. Pest control officer
         b. Tax inspector
         c. Psychological warfare in the US military

    STOP PRESS: the quiz was launched just over a week ago and already we've
    had 196 contestants.... but not one person has got all 22 questions correct.
    (not including McSpot volunteers and McLibel defendants, of course).

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