McSpotlight spring cleaning report

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Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 20:54:49 GMT

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    hello McLibellers

    just to fill you in on a weekend of serious spring cleaning down at
    McSpotlight. 14 of us have been sandpapering our eyeballs to dust out the
    cobwebs and remove the rotting vegetables.

    after getting so much done in just a couple of days, we're all feeling
    inspired to keep things a lot more up-to-date. so please send any feedback
    to us at

    hope you enjoy the new stuff,

    Debating Room relaunched
    yep, the long-promised overhaul has finally happened. two years to the day
    (almost) since we said we'd do it. they'll no doubt be a few teething
    problems over the next few days, but the new system is much more efficient
    and powerful.

    Search fixed
    yes! Yes! YES! It's mended at last.

    Mailing list archived
    You can now read all the back messages from this list at the address above.

    Quiz fixed
    After the success of our win-McLibel-booty quiz, we've now fixed it so
    those people who didn't enter in time can still test their McKnowledge.

    McLibel story updated
    The latest news from Helen and Dave.

    Country pages compiled
    We've collated all the info we've got about anti-McD's campaigns all round
    the world and chucked them all onto this page. If you're involved in a
    campaign we haven't heard of, please send us details.

    URL-minder fixed
    The little widget that reminds you when the 'What's New?' page has been
    updated is working again.

    FAQ updated
    The McSpotlight FAQ was more than two years out of date. Not no more.

    Press cuttings added
    Loads of new press articles here. Do you know of any we missed? Has anyone
    got the one from The Australian a couple of weeks back?

    Other new stuff
    Various other bits n bobs have been added.

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