Curriculum Vitae

name: David Morris
date of birth: 1954
occupation: Single parent/ McLibel Defendant
relevance: Defendant

previous experience:

After leaving school at 18 did voluntary work in various countries. Worked as postman in North London for 6 years and was elected secretary of trade union branch. Unemployed for most of the 1980s. Now a single parent with a 6 yr old son.

Activity and Involvement:
1970s - Labour and trade union movement, opposition to nuclear energy, antifascist activity, neighbourhood housing campaigns and various anarchist journals and groups.
1980s - London Greenpeace educational and campaigning activity including focus on global financial institutions. Support for miners and Wapping printworkers strikes. Local community struggles in Tottenham regarding housing, unemployed and unwaged campaigns (including setting up own Unwaged Centre). Building up local community mutual aid and solidarity networks. Mass local resistance to the Poll Tax.
1990s - Trafalgar Square Defendants Campaign (for arrested Poll Tax demonstrators). McLibel case.


Approx. 75.00 per week.


"I arrived on this planet before McDonald's, and I intend to outlive them."