Curriculum Vitae

name: Helen Steel
date of birth: 1965
occupation: Bar worker/ McLibel Defendant
relevance: Defendant

previous experience:

Since leaving 6th form age 17: voluntary work for campaigning organisations; worked as a gardener; paid & unpaid work as a minibus driver for various community groups; unemployed & did secretarial training. Now working as bar person.

Activity and Involvement:

Supported environmental /green issues since about age 13 - mostly fundraising for 'big' organisations. Became vegetarian after visits to slaughterhouse (through studying agriculture at school), then increasing awareness of abuse of animals led to becoming vegan in 1982. Since then involved with animal liberation movement, then activities around other issues including: anti nuclear, homes for all, anti fascist, support for miners strike, opposition to poll tax, state borders, multinationals and the World Bank.
More recent involvement in mass tresspass against the Criminal Injustice Act, Reclaim the streets, 'This land is our land' occupations and also support for Tottenham fast food distribution workers (unconnected to McDonald's) fighting back after being sacked for joining a union.


64 per week.


"Instead of everyone sharing the world's resources for the benefit of all, multinationals like McDonald's just want to use these resources to make profits for themselves. We have to fight back!"