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Malarky burgers with fries and cheese

Posted by: Lark on December 10, 1999 at 15:18:12:

In Reply to: More Malarkey posted by Chuck on December 09, 1999 at 14:38:54:

: So the bourgeoisie is imaginary now? What a liberal load of crap! And don't call me Jesus.

Right, I'll spell this out for you, I have to talk slowly? OK, the People who vote for the capitalists work on production lines, the workingclass are the greatest force for conservatism in the world at present, there is no proletariat that I can see, no highly intelligent class of people prevented from accumulating wealth through bitter class division.

Do you know any 'Bourgousie'? Do they live in your street?

The real and only true division is between Socialists/liberal/anarchists/communists/environmentalists/etc. and all that oppose them.

: Liberal gibberish. Haven't you noticed that the bourgeoisie rules in the name of "justice", "freedom", "the people" etc.? Open your mind.

What's wrong with liberalism? Liberal is a label I could where with pride, the first liberals, as I've indicated elsewhere, where bastions of humanism, the classless society and individual freedom. What you mean is traitorous, that's fine, I correspond with prisoners in Zaire, Nigeria, Cuba etc. I'll let them no that the 'liberal' freedoms that allow you the freedom to say that are all nonsense and they must be in prison by mistake or something.

: Very stupid. If you want to rub shoulders with phony socialists, go right ahead. Me and my workmates will go on hating the bourgeoisie.

So they are all trotskyists then? Stop being so childish with your definitions of Socialist, do you really think it's going to worry me or the other thinker-doers if a bunch of kindergarden-juveniles who've read a trot book once call us phonies grow up would you.

: Please debate instead of running away with your tail between your legs.

Oh right, I did that when? Perhaps your falling back on I'm strong your not rhetoric and childish nonsense to enarmour your positions of unthought or lessthought against good points.

: I rather enjoy watching Barry make you and the other phony socialists on this board squirm.

And that's happened when? Your obviously squirming like a slug in salt if you've choosen to throw mud and insults than debate. So I'm a phony Socialist? Hmmm, that's not what the capitalists think, that's not what I think, so I guess it simply doesnt matter what you think child, some day you mightn't be as impressed by lists of books and blueprints for well planned unfreedom, give us a call then.

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