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Having Your Cake Versus Eating It

Posted by: Krasny ( Internationale, All Countries... ) on January 25, 19100 at 10:30:59:

In Reply to: Ideology is the argument anyway posted by Gee on January 24, 19100 at 16:16:30:

: : : I really don't care about idealogoy in this case--just what is best for the kid.

: Isnt that the argument anyway folks?

: : If he is better off in the U.S. going to school and living with relatives than fine, however, if he wants to go back with his grandmothers and live with his father, than his wishes must be respected.

: His wishes, good.

: : *Estranged literally means "to turn away in feeling or affection." In this case that means the father was divorced from the mother. What gits like Gee want to plant in your mind is "unfit as a parent."

: No thats your strong desire to call people who dont fall on their knees in agreement with you a 'git'.

: Hence you didnt answer this

*Hence I didn't answer *this* because it was just so much drool from a guy who starts off running down a man he admits not knowing anything about with bland insinuation, ignores the facts regarding the mother and stepfather which we do know, demands evidence of the father's fitness as a parent which isn't based on 'hearsay' testimony, declares the startling lack of Haitian immigrants as proof positive of how bad things are in Cuba and then, in the end, with checkmate pending, declares his disdain for the embargo which *by design* is causing the hardships which Cubans are enduring. As any child can tell you Gee, you cannot have your cake once you've already eaten it.* --K

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