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Strikingly non-painful :)

Posted by: David ( USA ) on January 28, 19100 at 15:57:20:

In Reply to: Friendly disagreements all round then. posted by Lark on January 28, 19100 at 11:15:13:

: : I agree with your statement. I personally do not think that workers are being exploited.

: The question could then be posed do you consider yourself to be a worker? If not why not? If not how can you speak for them or really understand their circumstances?

Exactly, unfortunately due to my circumstances I cannot legally work in the U.S. because of my being Canadian. So, until I go to college and get a student visa I cannot hold a job. However, once I get my student visa I'll have the option of all the shitwork I can find (especially with the Student Visa, as they limit your choices of jobs, and let me tell you, those choices ain't pretty).
Then again, however, I do not spend a lot of money, I buy a few books and several CDs a month.

: I mean me a white heterosexual Catholic doesnt pretend to understand the plight of coloured people, homosexuals or oppressed non-catholics but can through a common humanity empathise and support their SELF- EMANCIPATION.

Yes, but the point is is that you can understand the need for a human, regardless of race, to be free.

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