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JD: non-radical?

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on January 30, 19100 at 20:38:04:

In Reply to: A rock and a hard place posted by JD on January 29, 19100 at 12:35:11:

: I'm with you on this one. My politics may be radical,

SDF: How do you know your politics are radical? Because you think radical thoughts?

As counter-evidence, in support of the idea that you AREN'T radical, I will cite your acquiescence in bourgeois democracy and your failure to resist the One-Party System. You appear to be so afraid that New Coke will taste so much worse than Old Coke that you're afraid to organize at the ground level for a set of beliefs that is anything more than a reflection of Old Coke.

To create an ALTERNATIVE to New Coke and Old Coke you must organize. And you must organize an alternative party. Thinking clean thoughts won't do it.

If you DON'T do this, your clean thoughts will amount to nothing more than wishing for Pepsi while drinking Coke.

: but that doesn't mean I have to ignore the consequences of someone like Duke getting in power. I remember that election, and was relieved when Duke lost.

: What amazed me the most was that he was the candidate in the first place. We have a long, long way to go.

SDF: If you aren't opposed to the One-Party System, though, you aren't going anywhere.

MDG's hypothetical third-party candidate is just that: hypothetical. Even so, it must be noted that in some races, the Green Party has refused to run candidates because they did not want to split the opposition -- but in those races, there WAS an organized Green Party.

Louisiana is not one of those places. There is no ballot-status Green Party in Louisiana.

What's more, MDG has failed to establish a difference between Old Coke and New Coke that is more than a piece of folklore.

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