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Playing with ballots?

Posted by: Barry Stoller on February 23, 19100 at 21:01:29:

In Reply to: Sick bugger... posted by Red Deathy on February 23, 19100 at 17:29:55:

: the only way to end capitalism is to vote against Capitalism, and since there isn’t a Socialist Party standing in the U.S., the only option must be for American workers to spoil their ballots, writing ‘World Socialism’ across them.

Your 'socialist' party, which criticized the October revolution before 1917 even ended, has had over 70 years to develop a strategy to end capitalism---and writing 'world socialism' on a ballot is the best they've come up with?

There is NOTHING anyone can write on a ballot that will change ANYTHING.

Capitalism doesn't 'happen' in the White House, or Congress, or the House of Representatives, or the Supreme Court---it happens at work.

That's where the REAL government is and that's where it must be fought if working people want to run things for themselves.

Workers of the World Unite!

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