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The State takes its Cut but the Market takes the Cake.

Posted by: Lark on March 22, 1999 at 18:01:44:

In Reply to: that is collectivist posted by Gee on March 22, 1999 at 13:18:11:

: : I'd like to believe that was something to do with collectivism Gee but I'd say it's probubly, more than likely, something to do with the tripartite sub to Capitalist businesses, from the consumer, taxpayer and worker.

: Its more the growth of the self appointed (well, appointed by a minority, majority) 'referee' getting in on every issue and taking a slice for the 'wonderful service' they give to, variously, the poeple, the business community, the environment etc etc.

The State takes its Cut but the Market takes the Cake.

: : The Capitalist Market is a growing monster and its tool is not mutual exchange but coercion.

: Guns and jails? Or jobs v death by starvation? (in the places that actually is the choice)

What are you saying the market doesnt provide private Jails and Guns and doesnt use it's capacity to grant and remove jobs as a means to blackmail individuals and nations into accepting poverty wages and conditions?

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