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: No, but a Union can stop the employer from employing people below a certain rate, and after all, we can't allow one person to undermine the wages of everyone else.

Exactly why not? That person is making a free choice, whats it got to do with the other poeple. If anything it just demonstrates to them the weakness of their case.

: 1:Service industry and other low pay jobs.

Like insurance, retail, leisure and all those other 'low paid' sectors? Some of the best jobs are there. A so called McJob is just as readily available in a steel plant as a DIY store.

: 2:Teeside has a 20% unemployement rate.

And the rest of Britain doesnt. Govt stats are around 5%, even if its actually twice that, 10% is lower than Teesside. Im sure you could find a town with 100% unemployment.

: 3:There are millions unemployed.

And many more millions employed, hence the above.

: 4:The dole.

Good job there are enough employed people and wealth creating then.

: Big business supported fascism in Germany to teh hilt

They were incompetent compared to external businesses and felt that they were the carry horses for repaying post WW1 'debts'. Context.

: why does business keep funding the Republicans or the Democrats unless they are generally happy with the way things are currently run.

Sadly, alot of them are after favours. Youll find more businesses who contribute nothing to either party.

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