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You broke my courtesy meter!

Posted by: Winslow Wacker ( USA ) on April 15, 1999 at 16:07:24:

In Reply to: Fraternal Collective of Individual Atoms posted by Quincunx on April 15, 1999 at 11:26:03:

: I'll see if we can get back to debating about individualism if Winslow can answer my previous postings word-for-word. Or SDF's last posting for that matter.

Debate SDF? Sure. Debate you? Why should I when I'm having so much fun making you angry. You are second rate compared to SDF.

: WW: Call me some more names if it makes you feel better.

: Qx: There you go again. Let's leave your invite for a slagging match lie where it is.

The "slagging match" started a while back, remember? You called me a "wanker" and you weren't invited.

: WW: Why did YOU get so upset, after all I was talking to SDF.

: Qx: Now that's jumping the gun isn't it? I simply replied to your insulting manner and if you've claimed property rights over a thread then you're definitely in cyberspace.

You replied to my insult with an insult - fair enough. Property rights? Please. I just wanted to know why you got more upset than he did. Are you a member of his fan club?

: WW: He was holding his own and showing more courtesy than yourself,

: Qx: Well, if you can hold your own then answer his last posting since you never really answered to my response. By the way, have you got a courtesy-meter? I didn't think so.

I'll answer him on my own time thank you.

: WW: although he seems to want to grasp at the "white frat boy" smear also.

: Qx: It's hardly a smear but merely a speculation. You can always say yes or no to that one. Did't you notice that you have rational choices?

A soap-box stab at knowing - a weak, speculative, smear.

: WW: Typical "leftists" - using pre-packaged labels to attack anyone who doesn't agree with their positions.

: Qx: Always? I have to say that the term "leftists" is a pretty wide brush. Is it possible that you're using this as a convenient catch-all term?

Always? No - just typical. Possible - yes, just like "frat boy".

: WW: Read my recent posts to Fassbinder

: Qx: Oh, I have.

So what? ;)

: WW:- then maybe you will come down off of your high horse.

: Qx: I haven't rode a horse in quite some time but if you wanna go low riding then it's best to be an individual who isn't so seemingly self-absorbed in typing out ditties that would make Rush Limbaugh shake his head in disbelief. Please?

Rush Limbaugh? All of this for a "so what"? It's a good thing I didn't call SDF a "wanker" or I suppose you would hunt me down and kill me. Seriously, you don't like "so what"? Tough shit! Besides, if you recall, I never disagreed with SDF's point - the hypocrisy of "individualism" as ruling class ideology - my point is that calling the ruling class and it's ideologues "hypocrites" may get you an audience on campus, but it don't add up to jack shit in the struggle against capital. And crying about "white priveleged frat boys" and "imperialism" makes you guys look like Leninist p.c. clowns. When I read stuff like that it makes me laugh.

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