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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party of Great Britain, UK ) on June 28, 1999 at 17:11:14:

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: You have nothing to say? Are you a socialist or a dreamer? Are you one of these neo-socialists who think it will all just happen. I thank you for your suggested reading, but would contend that Arnason is not a truthful analysis

Speaking as someone who holds a similar opinion as SDF, and as a member of an organisation that has opposed Leninism and Leninists for all of, oh, 82 years at least (and thus does not wualify as 'Neo-Socialist') I have to say that Lenin talked utter wank. No where does Marx talk about a Vanguard leading the working class, nor does he reommend censorship, nor a secret police- Lenin hisself understood that he'd simply rebuilt the tsarist state.

The logic of power is that your first duty is to maintain power, at all costs, and thus behave in a repressive manner (remember krondstadt!).

Our alternative is the alternative understtod by Marx, we work to raise the consciousness of the working class as a whole, 90% of the population, and then we have our revolution. no need for ensorship when you have a majority, no need for secret police nor repression.

The Socialist Party

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