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It isnt a justification, it simply is.

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 29, 1999 at 20:14:52:

In Reply to: Some parents want advantages for children -- what's that supposed to justify? posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on June 29, 1999 at 16:45:17:

: SDF: People do not love children for the sake of any advantage. Motherly love is not a capitalist investment policy.

You seem to be avoiding the point that a parent seeks in their childrens best interest and that comparative advantage (over over children) represents one facet of this. If the parents goal is for the child to 'be happy and do well in life' and in seeking that goal the parent uses advantages she could have shared then that is what happens. It wasnt meant as some kind of justification (or damnation), rather to illustrate why parents able to offer such advantages are not likely to part with them.

: SDF: Concrete examples please.

Thirteen-year-olds in the United States and 11 other countries and Canadian provinces took a math test last decade. The American kids were last while kids from South Korea finished first.

But in addition to having students do right-or-wrong calculations, the test also asked a subjective question: Do you think you're good in math?

This time the South Koreans finished dead last while the young Americans finished absolutely first.

I read "Exaggerated Esteem: How the 'Self-Esteem' Fad Undermines Educational Achievement" by a Dr Joseph Adelson which pretty much explained this as "to preserve a student's good opinion of himself is now assumed by educators to take clear priority over achieving academic excellence; the latter, indeed, is seen as a weapon aimed at the former, and the teacher's primary task is to blunt that weapon. For -- the reasoning goes -- if the work is too hard, the child will be discouraged and will be unable to learn."

: SDF: By this definition all education not directly coming from parents is "hitler youth," since it "mounts to political rearing of other people's children." Teaching eight-year-olds their multiplication tables -- don't do it, Gee thinks it's "hitler youth," leave it to the parents.

You are following the fallacious belief that state somehow represents 'poeple as a whole' and therefore the whole would be pleased to do whatever they are told in edication.

: SDF: Parents are not asking that other parents allow their children to die so that their children can have a "comparative advantage."

They are not, but the reverse "do you want to give this up so they can have it?" is not gleefully agreed to.

: SDF: Yes it is. I have a business to run, and you are no longer contributing to my assets column when my liabilities column is sky high. I cannot afford bankruptcy merely for you. You are a liability. I throw you out, that's the bottom line.

Or "we dont want you in our gang, tribe, commune etc" and youre thrown out. Poeple.

: I don't believe you.

Oh well, in that case I must be wrong.

: In a healthy society all boats rise when everyone is properly socialized, crime goes down, happiness increases.

Assumption, now where is the concrete.

: SDF: Nope, there are far more resources in today's society than are needed for the proper socialization of all its members.

Much more. Doesnt mean people *want* to use it to 'adequately socialize' others.

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