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Damn right I'm proud to be capitalist!!!

Posted by: Jason ( U.S. of F**king A.!!! ) on July 21, 1999 at 13:21:34:

Isn't it obvious by now that socialism and communism just DOESN'T WORK?!?! Come on, why the hell would I go to college and receive an advanced education if I wouldn't be receiving some form of reward down the road? Makes more sense just to mop floors the rest of my life... I'll be just as rich as a brain surgeon or an engineer who went through 12 years of schooling under the communist system!!! What incentive is there for me to say, open my own restaurant or start up a new company? If I can't create wealth, not just for myself, but also for all my employees and investors, what's in it for me? Why take the risk if there is little reward?

Capitalism works because it rewards the risk that Bill Gates took when he started Microsoft. Today he is worth more money than anybody can imagine, but I truly believe he deserves every penny. Maybe he does have a monopoly... the government is there to regulate capitalism since it can get out of hand and will without laws. Think about all the wealth Bill Gates has ALSO created for the employees of Microsoft! Many of them are millionares too! Plus, the shareholders of Microsoft have benefited, and that includes "Regular Joe's" like you and I who may just own 10 shares.

Only under a capitalist society can one person rise from poverty and with the right idea and skills, become a millionare. It seems you forget that hundreds of others benefit too. And you can't very well take it with you... all that money usually ends up in the hands of charity. Of course, not all the time... sometimes the kids end up spoiled and waste it all, but no system is perfect... especially communism! The Soviet Union could produce all the steel the world needed, but couldn't make a shoe if it's survival depended on it!! (And, well, the Soviet Union is DEAD today... wonder why? hmmm...) Capitalism is far more efficient than communism. If there are too many steel mills built in the U.S., then some either merge or go out of business... it's survival of the fittest. And if there are too few shoe manufacturers (and a few shoe manufacturers DO still exist in the US!), then a few people will realize the potential and start making shoes.

Granted, that's a simple example, but I hope the point is clear. The laws of supply and demand are basically what make up capitalism. Plus, the initiative of individuals to advance their standard of living when opportunities exist. The government's place is to regulate and control capitalism. The extreme view that capitalism with NO government intervention works about as well as communism!


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