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An attempt to be aversive

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on September 08, 1999 at 19:06:47:

In Reply to: personal opinions posted by Gee on September 08, 1999 at 11:24:01:

: : SDF: Look, McSpotlight. Gee is WASTING BANDWIDTH here. Go ahead, do a frequency count on Gee's responses. Figure out how many of the past 8,068 responses are his, and what of substance he's said. Get back to us.

: This is simply your personal opinion of it,

SDF: Your responses to discussions of substance have mostly dodged the subject matter being discussed in any thread, and you hide in accusations of "personal opinion" and this is what fills up McSpotlight. I am still struggling with the idea of cataloguing and displaying a frequency count on your posts, along with a glossary of Gee quotes: 'twould be some work.

: you have no objective standard by which to measure it,

SDF: How about if I do to this BBS like you've been doing (only in your threads, apologies to McSpotlight, this will be over soon). From now on I will merely mock you, and we can see by my caricature how meaningless you've been, and McSpotlight will be witness to some of the smallest small talk humankind has ever known. Of course I can't "censor" you, and you can't "censor" me. But so what! I am doing this to make your mumbling and protestation seem annoying to you. It should, it's wasting a lot of bandwidth.

: simply an appeal to the local authority figure. This fits with your faith in government, it fits with the kind of child who seeks out the schoolyard bully to enforce his view of the world. The McSpotlight people seem far above that kind of activity.

SDF: Oh you bully you! Daring to criticize my posts! You're a totalitarian Stalinist creep!

: : : You would actually imagine yourself to be compassionate?

: : Let's observe Gee's compassion here:

: Avoidance.

SDF: SDF must be avoiding something. He's presenting evidence of Gee's claim to compassion.


: If my posts are so terribly offensive to SDF that he would like to see me silenced then he can pro actively reduce my activity by not responding to anything I post. Its an open forum, which is why its good.

SDF: I demand of McSpotlight the right to rant as many posts as I want, regardless of their lack of content and fetishistic display of internal contradictions. This is my right, even though each page, each URL, is not really my intellectual property, it's McSpotlight's (and I hope, dear readers, that you've noticed McSpotlight's intrusion into these pages).

McSpotlight is above all censorship of my posting habits of course. This is because McSpotlight believes in liberty, unlike that bully SDF. The new Libertarian ‹bermensch makes no appeal to force (while promoting capitalism as the best possible relation between individuals), he simply takes from the property of his neighbor as he pleases, and runs only if he sees his neighbor's gun.

McSpotlight: We've already made the posting criteria clear;

"All opinions and points of view are welcome. However, abusive or irrelevant posts will be rejected. Messages may occasionally be edited for brevity or clarity."

If this thread loses what little actual debate content it still has and maintains the personal venom, we will start rejecting. Sorry if that seems unfair to either of you, but we have a Debating Room to run here; and as with the playground, it doesn't ultimately matter who was originally right or wrong if the argument degenerates into personal abuse.

Oh, by the way, we don't hold any sort of copyright on what people post here; as we've also said;

"The Debating Room consists of individually submitted contributions encompassing a wide range of views, information and experiences. McSpotlight is unable to check for accuracy. Any inaccuracies are the sole reponsibility of the author."

In other words, posters post; we're happy to provide people with a forum to debate in, but the ultimate responsibility for things posted to McSpot lies with the people who posted them. This means you; both of you.

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