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Political Word Labor

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on September 30, 1999 at 10:44:40:

In Reply to: Political Wordplay posted by Gee on September 29, 1999 at 16:03:05:


Orwell was a bit wrong, you see. Words can be torn up, and mutilated, but they tend to reform rather quickly from the pieces, into something of a "black market" of words, with a meaning all their own. Observe.

Blair was correct. The fight will be between those who favor technology (the "progressives") and those who mean to hinder it, in favor of intellectual dynamics of the past (the "conservatives").

Thus, it becomes plain. Labor (and, to some extent, "Greenists" - the latter certainly the most "conservative" of the lot, if their rhethoric in regards their connection to druids is true) and the Left are the "conservatives". They strive to protect their privilege and position (the welfare plantations, the 'bureacracy of plenty') in a world fast outdistancing their worn and ragged ideology. Those who strive to exploit the new industries and scientific advances (the "progressives", the Tories, the Thacherites, and so forth) are in for an ever increasing, ever bountiful share of the new proceeds sure to be created by their efforts, as will those that move quickly to acquire the skills that such people will surely need.

Now - will the Left see sanity, and drop their conservatism, or bravely forgo their erroneous beliefs, and join the 21st century? It's either that, or rot in the 19th (along with Marx, Engels, et. al.)

Soo ... What will it be? Eh?


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