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Class (room)war

Posted by: lark on October 07, 1999 at 11:34:57:

I think the recent incidents like Columbin (spelling) high etc. show how as a microcosim of society the US is suffering from a majorly, majorly bitter class war.

It would appear that the respected elitist cliches of the class room, Jocks, Cheerleaders etc. just more or less oppress everyone else, curry favour with the educational establishment and control things, such as, the year book, a real parody of how big money interests curry favour with the state, oppress everyone else and control the media.

What is far more worrying is that the underclass has demonstrated that their oppression leads them to further subdivided and ape their masters in trying to fight and oppress each other, take the racial sub divides. Plus there's the fact that the oppressed if they are anything like the murderers at that school are developing a very unsuffisticated anti-social ideology fusing satanism and Nazism, christ, these people will be voters soon!!

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