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'Welcome my son, welcome to the machine'

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( The chicken that didn't cross the road, TX, USA ) on May 28, 1999 at 08:10:43:

In Reply to: keep the presure on the corporate machine posted by David Peal on May 25, 1999 at 11:26:12:

: We don't care about the grilled chicken or the filet of filth. We are concerned about not recieving the product we pay for that we see in the advertising clear and simple. Mcfilthy's should REBATE everyone of us 1,250 for false advertising.

I agree that McD's chicken products aren't that great, except for their cajun mcchicken. But if their grilled chicken was really repulsive to you, did you take it back up and get a refund right then and there? And of course, just don't buy it again! No one is forcing you to do so!!!

If this company had any backbone they would be glad to right all the wrongs done by the evil clown.

David, the clown ain't real!!! He's just a character created by McD's ad agency, a character that identifies McDonald's to the public. As for "evil wrongs", I think there are plenty of evil actions in this world that are somewhat more severe than McD's bending the truth.

I am working on web site dealing with early fact about the creation of mcdona'ds and the man with the FITH grade education behind it. Everyone write thier congress person and keep the presure on the corporate machine and believe me we will WIN the battle.

LOL, DP!!! I'm falling out of my chair chuckling!! I believe in keeping the gov't out of it, thank you very much. You're taking this way to seriously! I have never known food anywhere to resemble exactly what you see advertised. If you're gonna go after McDonald's then you might as well go after the TV dinner industry too, including Swanson's and Healthy Choice. Have you ever seen a frozen dinner resemble what's pictured on its package? As for Ray Kroc's supposed "5th grade" education, is that so bad? Many people who've started successful businesses never got a diploma. It's not that I encourage dropping out of school. But it looks like RK accomplished quite a bit. Over 1 Zillion Served.

Finally, getting back to embellishing things before the camera, showing things as they really are isn't conducive to generating public interest. You can compare it to the differing practices of two porno mags. Hustler Magazine's editors don't airbrush the photos, so you see the babes pretty much as they really are. Playboy's editors, however, do their magic, and therefore the pictures are much more exciting to view, and most likely to become stuck together within 5 minutes of getting the issue home. Thus, a prettied-up QP will get much more attention on TV than a genuine, mass-produced one will. The bureaucrats in Washington are blind to the real world, and we'll all be better off by them not causing more problems with their actions.


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