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i wouldn't exactly call them innocent

Posted by: sammy on June 06, 1999 at 18:03:42:

In Reply to: They aren't wrong, their suppliers are. posted by Ludwig von Mises on June 04, 1999 at 10:21:57:

LVM was heard saying this:
: They don't promote ruining the rainforests. They don't actively destroy rain forests. They aren't wrong, their suppliers are. All supliers are like that. Anything else?

to which sammy replied:

the largest burger chain in the world holds no responsibility for where thier product comes from?

that is like saying nike is not responsible for the 8 year olds who make thier shoes for pennies a day in other countries.

if i'm going to market something than i had better be concerned with where my product is comming from.

just like we are responsible if we support mcd's by purchasing a big mac, they are responsible for the destruction of the rain forrest by supporting the livestock that is raised there.

fyi, the biggest reason for clearing rain forrest land is to make way for cattle and livestock pasture.

anything else?

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