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tired of terrible food and dirty franchises

Posted by: TAMMY BROGREN ( STUDENT, USA ) on July 26, 1999 at 17:40:43:

I am a mother, with a five year old boy, we eat a MCdonalds 2-4
a month and everytime I go two two of them in colorado springs
the bathrooms are filthy and the food is always cold or we recieve
the wrong order, sometimes they don't even know when their having
sales, whats wrong with the owners of these places. Also there's
nothing worse then going to buy a kids meal to find out, they don't
have any boy toys or they are out toy their marketing, take your
promotional signs down this is very disappointing. higher better
employee's that care about the custumers. Maybe the owners could have
a locked complaint box so we the consumers would know the owners would
recieve are complaints. If nothing more please keep your bathrooms and
floors clean. Ps... don't get me wrong their are good mc donalds justs
seems the few we go to are managed poorly and they don't care about
cleanliness, also if anyone knows where i can complain to make a differnece please email me. I am going to stop eating their but my
son loves their toys and mc nuggets help!

McSpotlight: Your son's health would probably be improved in the long run by not eating McNuggets, though...

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