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Screw the cynics

Posted by: David Archer ( DoD, Australia ) on October 28, 1999 at 18:39:33:

To all the trendy lefties out there who find it difficult to fathom that a big, US company is allowed to be successfull in their hairy fairy world of tofu and negativity, I say, get off your lame, marxist arses and quit whinning. If you truly object to the operations of companies like HJ's and Maccas, get out there and start your own business; make it a viable alternative. My bet is that fat heads like yourselves wouldn't last 5 minutes as business owners because you fail to see the oportunities which are available in the free world. You would rather pull your puds over the Communist Manifesto than cut it in the real world.

McSpotlight: Define "real world"...

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