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walmart needs to unionize

Posted by: dawn ( us ) on November 07, 1999 at 22:28:08:

My mother works at walmart fulltime and yet amazingly still qualifies for assistance every month. She has been there for 4 yrs and is still only making about $7.50 a month. If I worked for walmart doing what I do, I would have to take a 4 dollar and hour pay cut. If walmart was union, their employees would have decent insurance and pay. Walmart is putting up a super center in my town that could put me out of a job and working for them for barely minimum wage. I believe that if
people are paid more then they will spend more. Yes their product would cost more but their people would then have more money to spend. It's a vicious cycle that's need to stop and walmart is the company that needs to stop it. If people are making more then they will need less government assistance. That would be awful wouldn't it? People that can actually support themselves

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