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Guess what? We're in a bubble!

Posted by: The Everett Citizen ( IWW, OBU ) on December 06, 1997 at 02:06:26:

In Reply to: You could always move into a bubble posted by Mike Sprout on December 04, 1997 at 20:33:27:

: Be afraid of nutrasweet, be afraid of cell phones, be afraid of carpeting, be afraid of pesticides on veggies, be afraid of tap water, be afraid of... . Where does it end? If you wanted to avoid every product that someone has raised a health concern over you'd have to seal yourself in a bubble.

But Mike, we are in a bubble (Earth's atmosphere) already! How about we throw all the previously mentioned harmful items out of it?

: While no one is saying nutrasweat is a necessary componant of the diet, the overwelming majority consider it harmless. Then again, even if there was a tiny risk, would that no be offset by the reduction in obesity (And the many proven risks that go with it)?.

This is akin to applauding McDonalds for a great alternative to starvation-better to eat a big mac than die of starvation. Better to drink pop with nutra sweet than to weigh 400 lbs. Same kind of nonsense.

The point of this nutra sweet discussion is to weight the factors of its health risks. I supplied a link of many independent opinions, and you countered with a biased nutra sweet sponsored organization.

How is it you can see through McDonalds tripe, but cannot see through the bullshit put forth by like corporations?

: By creating fears over every suggestion something maybe be harmful, you contribute to the growing sentimant "I know it (fat,McDs,tobacco,etc) is harmful, but they say everything is now adays so whats the difference?". Have you seen some of the recent posts on the humble soy bean? While I can repect Miika's view (though disagree) as she is obviously concerned about health, some have spun this view to suggest that McDonald's food is healthier than Soy beans. Is this the type of view you wish to promote?

People are indeed sick of all the bad news and there is indeed a backlash. But does that mean we should stop telling the truth?

Mike, you are an intelligent, articulate and obviously educated individual. But you cannot expect to convince people of your anti-McDonalds position while you subvert the truth on other harmful products.

They are all products of the same system, based on greed and power. McDonalds, to you, stands apart from these other corporations who you defend. When you realize they all support and represent the same ideal, you will begin to see my point. The problem cannot be solved by begging McDonalds to change their menu, but by recognizing that we hold the charter and have every right to democratically decide how things are produced, distributed, and truthfully labeled.

The corporation is the dominant institution on the face of the earth, and it supports despotic governments to supply cheap labor, and rapes resourses that belong to us all.

Mike, The Everett Citizen

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