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Mulroney was GRRRREEEEAAAATTT!!!!!

Posted by: Mike Sprout ( Canada ) on February 28, 1998 at 23:43:37:

In Reply to: C'mon! Answer the question!!!!!!!! posted by Quincunx on February 27, 1998 at 09:42:07:

> How do you justify sucking up to Mulroney? Show us evidence that he was as
> great as you say he was. Don't chicken out too much while you're at it.

Since your pollution of this discussion with off topic comments (as is your style - see depate with Ronald, IWW board, etc.) is not rejected, I will attempt a brief response realizing it probably won't be posted anyway, as was my lengthy post in the McLibel section to you and Ronald.

Mulroney set Canada on a new course after the many years of Trudeau and his idot finance ministers (and we know who one of them was) spent us into one of the worst debt situations on earth. Yes, their was defecits during the PC term, however they were entirely due to the compounding of interest on debt runup by Trudeau, Turner, Lalonde, and Chretien. Mulroney ran an operational surplus during his term. Its a joke to see Martin taking credit for the balanced budget now, the work was done by the PCs.

Reforming the joke of a federal sales tax into the GST, thereby ending the penalization of Canadian manufacturers was a tremendous accomplishment, acknowledged by the current government who likes the gst so much that the have encouraged the provinces to sign up, with nary a word of their election pledge to scrap it.

Mulroney played a major role in international affairs behind the scenes, as noted by Gorbachev and Bush. He was an instrumental force in the end of the cold war, and was (and is) widely respeced around the world.

No doubt the greatest accomplishment of the pc term was the introduction of the Can/Us free trade deal, on extremely favorable terms to Canada. This deal is the envy of the world. Trade stats since clearly demonstrate its worth.

As for your outdated article on R Friedland, perhaps youve heard of Diamon Fields Resources and its Voisy Bay nickel deposit? Maybe youve heard of the wealth this has brought shareholders, locals in Newfounland - including the aboriginal population?

My returns have been quite good so far in 98. You may want to chech a chart of Yamana Resources (YRI.T) (listed on Toronto, but a VSE style company) that I bought at .74 and sold at $2 a couple of weeks later. Yes, the vse is not for everyone, but for those willing to do their homework, and having the right psycological profile to battle the insiders, speculative investmant offers potential spectacular rewards. (you might want to keep your eye on the diamond exporation currently underway in Alberta over the next 6 mos., companies like PUG.T, NCS.V, and LCR.V and TYR.M).

It would be nice if you could use these forums for their intended purpose, debating the issues being dscussed rather than attacking the people posting. I think it was Gort who called you on that at IWW.

FYI, I'm not posting from Saint Lawerence College. As for getting a job, are you going to lend me your squeegee?


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