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Look at Nike in in Southeast Asia.

Posted by: Flora Tristan ( IWW, USA ) on July 27, 1998 at 09:35:36:

In Reply to: Let's form a union posted by Mike Tidwell on July 21, 1998 at 11:16:54:

:For this she was paid $6.50 an hour. It's no wonder there opening a new Mc Donalds everyday, they don't compensate thier help.

Why should they buy wage-slaves for a higher price, formore than the market will bear?
After all, the less you pay your workers, the greater the rate of
profit. Look at Nike in in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, for the
major stock holders of Macdonald's they cannot fry burgers in Indonesia and then ship them to the USA. So, they have to hire cheap labor here.
That's the way the wage system works--the less you get, the more they
get. You and your employer have conflicting interests; just like you
and your grocer have conflicting interests when it comes to the price you pay for beans and rice.

Of course, laborers have an interest in getting a higher price for their skills. But here's the rub. Labor here has to organize and then negotiate with the employing class for higher wages. Higher wages don't fall like free cookies from hebben.

After several months of this she quit for a better paying job and she only works eight hours a day. The tragedy is enjoyed her job, she loved working with the kids and the public. I think all of the Mc Donald employees should form a union, demand better wages less hours and better trained managers. If they trained thier managers, they would be so dependent on the suboardent staff to run the place effienently.

I think the whole thing would run much more smoothly, if the place was
self-managed and their was a democratic (non-bureaucratic) union in place to negotiate decent contracts with the franchise owner.

Flora Tristan

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