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Having an opinion is OK then, as long as it agrees with the IWW's !

Posted by: The Trolley Dollies ( Northern Ireland ) on July 27, 1998 at 10:15:44:

In Reply to: It looks like you're the one with Millenial Anxiety posted by Quincunx on July 22, 1998 at 09:32:07:

: Apparently, you're not drawing much of a distinction between us and Trotskyites.

That's right. Your introductory blurb reads the same as all the other workers revolutionary blurb. And because of that it's instant turn off time. Us workers don't want to hear regurgitated dialectic, we want real and workable solutions. You aren't user friendly enough !

And while we're at it, sorry us plebs aren't on the same intellectual tangent as yourselves way up there. Unfortunately, the only thing we have to base our opinions on are - gasp - our experiences - which obviously count for nothing, unless we can quote this politician, and that philosopher. You see, that's the problem. We are just run of the mill, bog standard workers. We aren't as well versed in all the historical stuff as you folks at the IWW are. It's certainly very true that some people are more equal than others isn't it ? Oh please, glorious beings at IWW, toss us a few morsels of your vast knowledge and we will be eternally grateful.

What was that someone said, knowledge is power ? And WHO'S wielding the big stick now then ? If your organisation can't take criticism from those at the bottom of the heap (the people you claim to support) , basing their opinions on their day to day experiences, then you are as contemptible as the very organisations you oppose.

Please tell us the nuts and bolts of HOW you expect your theories and ideas to be put into practice in 1998. We never said the workplace was a fair and equal environment. But if you have REAL solutions and can convince us they WILL work, we'll be impressed, and you'll have yourself two more converts. You see, at the moment, we are slightly pissed off that you are putting more energy into slagging off our opinions, than instead trying to convince why yours are a better alternative.

And finally, we also know our turf well. We work for a large organisation and can speak about our experiences within it with quite a bit of authority. What do you do for a living ?

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