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The golden rule that never existed

Posted by: Quincunx on September 09, 1998 at 11:36:43:

In Reply to: Damn. I forgot the golden rule. Noone can disagree with Qx. If they do, they're wrong. posted by Trolley Dolly on September 01, 1998 at 01:44:09:

TD: I'm telling YOU because YOU said that local governments won't even question the company due to it's monetary grip on so many legislatures.
: EHO's are part of local government. If anything they are over zealous because of the BIG name of McD's. A bit like yourself, really.

Qx: That really is a matter of perception isn't it?

TD: And for the record, please note the following points, and refer to them for future replies:-

: -I do not think McD's is a benevolent corporation

Qx: That's interesting. You said the exact opposite in another posting.

TD: -I do not post here to defend or represent McDonald's

Qx: If you had said that in the beginning you would have been understood much sooner but as it stands you work for them. That can only make people skeptical about your loyalties. Until McD's is unionized globally there isn't much chance for trust to occur.

TD: I do not have a franchise. But I work for a franchisee, and yes, it would be nice for all of us to be paid more. I certainly do not defend it, so according to your logic, I am not a liar.

Qx: You still gave the impression of having allegiance to McDonald's and that makes your statements automatically suspect. Probably more with the disgruntled workers than with me actually.

TD: WRONG. When I am in work, I am paid to do what I do. When I am at home, in front of my PC, it is on my own time, and my opinions are my own. I base those opinions on many things, INCLUDING what happens in work.

Qx: Lots of people claim that but as I said before- until McD's is unionized and management restricted from abusing workers then what you just typed here will be deemed suspect by many people. BTW, lots of McD's lawyers can say the same thing and should any of us trust them? I think not.

TD: Qx, you really need to calm down a bit.

Qx: Already did but then again how can anybody tell from a posting that's already two days old by the time it reaches this board?

TD: I don't want to convince anyone of anything.

Qx: Then why even post on the Internet?

TD:I just want to say my piece. If you read something else into it, well, that's up to you.

Qx: You're recoginizing the dynamics of Internet communication.

TD: If I've an opinion, I'll say it, just like everyone else on this site.

Qx: Well, then go for it.

TD: But you are like a dog with a bone when you home in on someone who expresses an opinion different to yours.

Qx: Gross distortion but feel free to accuse.

TD: Just live and let live, will you ?

Qx: Seems odd to hear that from you. Perhaps you learned from your first posting here.

TD: And if you want to get your point across, stop slagging people.

Qx: It's a two-way street. Get used to it.

TD: Take for instance Flint (your comrade).

Qx: I don't even know him but he is a Fellow Worker and not a comrade. Geez didn't FW Chase get lambasted for referring to Communists as "Comrats" once upon a time?

TD: It's hard to believe you two are in the same cause.

Qx: That's your problem isn't it? Look at any of the paramilitaries in your neighbourhood and look at a mixed bag of people. They shouldn't be dumped into the ash heap as you seem to view them as. Any organization has a lot of different people. Or didn't you know that?

TD: I have a lot of respect for him. He is pretty respectful and tries to persuade people without all the flames.

Qx: Tell that to him.

TD: You get too wound up, and end up roasting people, and turn them right off.

Qx: Another gross over-generalization. Go look up my postings going back to 1997 and then look for more postings that aren't on this website.

TD: Flint's approach is a lot more user friendly, I'm quite prepared to listen to what he has to say.

Qx: As I said before. Go and tell him that.

TD:But you are a cyber fascist !

Qx: Ahh...so you really are commited to decent communications! Just as I suspected.

TD: (Oh help me, here come's the roasting....)

Qx: You're doing a pretty good job of it yourself so why tell us about suicide?


Qx: You mean read your posting don't you?

TD: I do nothing in the name of the corporation.

Qx: Then what do you call working there?

TD: I don't deny that McD's deserves criticism.

Qx: I didn't say you did but go ahead and accuse me of it. We're pretty used to this by now.

TD: And I'm afraid I had to get the sick bag out when I read that you have put yourself on a pedestal for humanity.

Qx: That's your misperception so live with it. It's also called a straw man.

TD: All your posts stink of "I'm the expert, I know everything, listen to me, ignore everyone else."

Qx: So you've been reading into my postings and not really reading them and then you're attributing your shadow onto me. That's expected.

TD: Whatever you say, and however you say it Qx, at the end of the day it's only YOUR opinion.

Qx: Would you be able to call it that if they're sourced and referenced? Then it's not just opinion as you would like it to be or so it seems.

TD: And if someone happens to go against your philosophy for life, accept it, don't have the arrogance to insult them.

Qx: Now you're telling me what to do. Could there be an authoritarian element in your last commandment? I believe so.

TD: Look, Qx, time and time again, you spin this web of "ism's", invite someone into it, then wrap them up in spin and totally detract from the original issue.

Qx: Those "isms" are definitely a product of your imagination and then the rest is projection in classic form. I'm used to these accusations from you by now. BTW, why didn't you answer the questions?

TD: Just accept we don't agree, stop slating other people on this for expressing their thoughts

Qx: Now you telling me not to dissent at all and you also assume the role of debate referee in all of this. Not good.

TD:(however misled you think they are)

Qx: Now you know what I think?

TD: And less of "step outside" battle of the philosophers bullshit.

Qx: Now that's not too articulate at all and the bad word really tops it off. You can do better than that.

TD: Your consciousness could be just as false,

Qx: And life could be but a joke but that's conjecture isn't it?

TD: even though you've set yourself up as judge and jury in that department.

Qx: Again that is a poor debating tactic but we're all used to it.

TD: Just stay up their and sit quiet on your pedestal,

Qx: Yet another authoritarian command to do something on an object that doesn't even exist outside of your imagination.

TD: and I'll get myself a big umbrella.

Qx: Go ahead. Ulster can get rainy at times can't it?

TD: How else is money "begotten" , if not corporately ?

Qx: Oh boy oh boy. Time to read some Karl Marx or maybe better to read some Max Weber.

TD: Oh, let me guess, in your town, they just hand it out on street corners.

Qx: Bzzzt......wrong.

TD: Sorry, in my town, everyone has to earn it.

Qx: Including the bankers who practice usury? I refer you to Adam Smith. His books can be enjoyable and educational if not read in the neo-liberal context. Can you do that?

TD: At least until you guys replace our wage system with the barter system, that is.

Qx: I don't think anything like that will happen until there is a major depletion of global resources and whatnot.

TD: I'll look forward to slogging my guts out in exchange for a sack of salt.

Qx: That's what your local currency is? Quite strange if I say so myself.

TD: I'm sure the local supermarket will be happy to receive that in payment for my groceries.NOT.

Qx: If you already have doubts about that then why tell us?

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