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Posted by: Glen Day ( McDonald's Conder A.C.T., Australia ) on September 14, 1999 at 19:58:01:

Ever since I started McDonald's in February 1998 I has very shy and always kept to myself in and out of work, about a month later this slowly disappeared because of McDonald's. I learnt how to be apart of a important group, how to communicate better and enjoy my job all at the one time. Today I am a Crew Trainer at McDonald's Conder, A.C.T. and are getting promoted to swing manager in two weeks time. This has mad experienced that McDonald's is an excellent environment to work, for example when a new employee starts at McDonald's they learn many important skills to become part of a team and work as a McDonald's team. Another skill that is stressed at McDonald's is Communication, this is another important role at McDonald's. These skills stand out to people searching for excellent new employees who have a taste of how work is really conducted.

McDonald's also have a very good training system in place to produce there own excellent employees. This means the trainee learns one station until the trainee performs to 100% if this is not achieved then they keep trying until it is reached, this is why McDonald's have a excellent training system.

Another advantage of working at McDonald's is they reward there employees with half price meals, free meals and discounts on selected major stores including: Jeans West, Civic Video, Sportscene, Goldmark Jewellers and many more.

What a job I have selected! I will continue and enjoy my job at McDonald's and strive to become an excellent manager in the future.

McSpotlight: But have you yet learned to love Big Brother?

(The fact that you work for a corporation that exploits its workforce worldwide, exploits children and their parents and is culpably responsible for animal cruelty and environmental destruction doesn't really figure in your priorities, I guess.)

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