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Newspaper, magazine and internet articles relating to Anti-McDonald's campaigning are accessed below. For stuff on McDonald's, McLibel or McSpotlight, please use the 'related links' or search options below.

The press cuttings date back to 1994 and are arranged in chronological order with the most recent first. Please forward any relevant articles to and we'll put them up.

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More Biotic Baking Brigate Antics
26 March 1999

  • Gay Nuns "Cream" Homophobic Reverend
  • Minnesota Governor Gets Dessert Upside the Head
  • BBB 'Entartes' Mad Scientist in New England
  • Corporate-Friendly Enviro Pied at Conference
  • Caveat Pie: Creamophobia in San Francisco
  • Animal Abuser Exec Receives A Tart Treat

    Outrage As 3 Cherry Pie San Francisco Activists Jailed
    Reports of the Biotic Baking Brigade, 24th February 1999

    Ronald McDonald Supports PETA
    Letter from Geoffrey Giuliano, the original Ronald McDonald
    New Mexico Alibi, 10 October 1999

    PETA US/UK Ad Bans Controversy
    Letters from McLibel Defendants Helen Steel & Dave Morris, and Peta's Justine Lindley
    The Guardian, 17 September 1999

    McDonald's Still Facing a McLibel Backlash
    Marketing, a UK Trade Weekly, September 1999

    MOSCOW - Natalya Gracheva Is Giving McDonald's Heartburn
    McDonald's In Russia Clashes With Union-Hungry Workers
    Associated Press, Moscow, 23rd June 1999

    Strike Ends, Va. Protest Leader Is Still Unsatisfied
    McDonald's, Employees Reach Pact
    Washington Post, 23rd October 1998

    Animal Rights Protesters Raid a McDonald's 3 Arrested
    San Diego, California
    Union Tribune, 17th October 1998

    Police reinforcements are being called in to guard McDonald's outlets
    September 1998
    The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

    Legislators Warn On Burger Drive Boycott urged over McMunch toy campaign
    12th September 1998
    The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

    Hospital Workers Union Takes Protest Against McDonald's to Woodhull Hospital
    Union organising a boycott of McDonald's due to its high cholesterol fatty levels, nothing new there then.
    Business Wire, 27 August 1997

    Heritage purists in combat at Coliseum
    The Coliseum follows in the way of the South Bank, Paris - raises its stature by having a McDonald's!!??
    The Daily Telegraph (UK), 24 July 1997

    'McDog' Restaurant Chain Challenges McDonald's
    "Foreign restaurant chains like McDonald's are taking over our food culture. I want to help keep our traditional foods alive."
    Reuters, 8th June 1997

    Union starts drive at McDonald's outlet
    The Teamsters Union is trying to organize 62 workers at McDonald's restaurant near Montreal.
    NewsWorld On-Line, 6th March 1997

    Teamsters taking another run at a McDonald's outlet
    Union is confident in unionizing a McDonald's Restaurants outlet in Saint-Hubert
    Toronto Globe and Mail, 6th March 1997

    Local 420 to rally against contracting out of Elmhurst Hospital employee cafeteria to McDonald's
    Union contends that existing cafeteria serves needs of the staff better than McDonald's
    Business Wire, 5th Mar 1997

    Infected children to sue over lethal food bug
    Seven children suing British Government, McDonald's and others other food poisoning.
    Independent, 4th Dec 96

    McDonald's & E.coli food poisoning
    Press release from the firm representing victims of E.coli poisoning
    Howe & Co Solicitors; 3rd Dec 96

    Mother of worker killed at McDonald's wants case reopened
    Electrocuted worker story - update
    International Worker, 30th Nov 96

    Bitter Battle Ends In Burger Win
    Late night application finally comes to an end with partial victory for both sides
    Camden New Journal, 31st Oct 96

    Albert v Ronald in battle of the burger
    McDonald's frustrated by campaigners canny anti-planning tactics.
    Independent, 19 Oct 96

    Corner shop faces McDonald's writ
    Mary Blair has been told to drop the disputed prefix from McMunchies
    Times, 24 Sept 96

    Parents to sue McDonald's over 'burger bug' death
    McDonald's facing challenge over E.Coli poisoning.
    Sunday Times, 15th Sept 96

    Orthodox Jews Offended By Cheese, Halt March Of The Big Mac In Israel
    Religeous Jews put a stop to McDonald's un-kosher adverts.
    Daily Telegraph, 18 Oct 96

    Video shock in Big Mac licence bid
    McSpotlight granted permission to video hearing
    Camden New Journal, 17th Oct 96

    Hitch for fast food giant
    Campaigners once again frustrated the burger multinational's efforts
    Camden & StPancras Chronicle, 17th Oct 96

    Patent Nonsense
    Spoof on the McMunchies fiasco
    Time Out Magazine, 2- 9 Oct 96

    Scots Chief To Defend His Clan
    The McDonald's take on McDonald's
    Herald, 7th Oct 96, Scotland

    Greenbelt Association Sues To Stop McDonald's
    Sale of public land is unlawful says greenbelt group trying to protect environment.
    Patriot News, 5 Oct 96, USA

    Big Mac Will Shun Debate
    McDonald's refuse to attend community meeting to listen to local residents
    East Grinstead Observer, 2 Oct 96

    Mr McDonald bites back
    Angry Scot threatens Burger Giant with legal action.
    Independent, 30th Sept 96

    Clan Warfare Threatens Litigious Burger Chain
    More details from the Ronald McDonald fiasco.
    Press and Journal, 28 Sept 96, Scotland

    Interview with Arsene Wenger, the new manager at Arsenal Football Club
    Manager derides the effect of the McDonald's diet.
    Evening Standard; 18 Oct 96

    The Business of Applying Pressure
    How pressure groups are now expert at getting support from the media
    PR Week; 4th Oct 96

    Anarchy Puts Its House In Order
    Details of the Hackney Anarchy week
    Observer; 26th May 96

    NetTimers: Report from Amsterdam
    NetActivism in Holland - including McSpotlight
    Amsterdam; 20th May 96, Netherlands

    Southampton Campaigner Wins Unlawful Arrest Case
    Anti-McD protestor wins case after 2 year struggle.
    Southampton; 19th April 96

    Culture Jammers of the YEAR
    Helen and Dave are voted to be Culture Trial McNuggets!
    Adbusters Magazine, Spring 96

    When It's A Case Of Do-It-Your-Self Justice
    Uses McLibel as an example of how to defend yourself in court
    Independent ; 20th March 96

    Kentucky Fried Chicken Protests in India
    Short report on anti-KFC activities in Bharat
    Ecologist, Nov/Dec 95

    Parallel Worlds Fight For The Globe
    Long article on Management Summit '95 and the protests outside
    Guardian, 11 Nov 95

    How to tell it to the judge
    Article on litigants in person
    Independent, 23 August 95

    'McWorks Council' Condemned
    Union federation condemns McDonald's rubber-stamping workers council.
    Union Federation, Geneva, Switzerland

    McDonald's - Why All the Fuss?
    McDonald's plans for Australian Blue Mountain region and the protests it has created.
    Mid-Mountains Village Views, Vol.1 No.4 96, Australia

    McNaturals Proposal for McDonald's
    Campaigners offer an organically based alternative to McDonald's meat based fayre.
    Blue Mountains Gazette, 25 Sept 96, Australia

    Uniqueness Under Threat
    Katoomba region (Blue Mountains, Aus) and consequence of McDonald's invasion
    Blue Mountains Gazette, 25 Sept 96, Australia

    Garbage Protest at McDonald's Site
    McDonald's get their rubbish back
    Crawley News, 25 Sept 96

    Letter to Editor
    Letter to editor re: the hijacking of parents / kids day by 'Ronald'.
    Haringey Advertiser, Sept 96

    Fighting McDonald's: Lessons from Montpelier Vermont
    Montpellier application defeated.
    International Society for Ecology and Culture, 17th Sept 96, USA

    Big Mac Gets Closer
    McDonald's win first stage of controversial planning permission
    East Grinstead Courier, 13th Sept 96

    Mac Secures First Victory
    Despite local protests McDonald's gain councillors consent.
    East Grinstead Observer, 11 Sept 96

    Burger Off McDonald's, Says Chingford
    Short piece on plans and possible protests over McD's expansion into Chingford
    Waltham Forest Independent, 31st June 96

    Anger at plans by McDonald's
    A selection of pieces covering McD's proposals for Winchmore Hill (N London)
    Enfield Advertiser, May - June 96

    McDonald's Sponsorship Offer Rejected
    McD's attempt to infiltrate a anti-discriminatory festival is foiled
    Huddersfield, 22 June 96

    Big Mac and Cries
    More about the Enfield proposals
    Evening Standard, 12th June 96

    Bus Driver Suspended For Refusing To Hurt A Cow
    Bus driver is suspended over burger vouchers
    Los Angeles Times, 6th June 96, USA

    McLash - 'They're Ruining Face Of Britain
    Nottinham's planning chief launches a scathing attack on McDonald's whole concept.
    Evening Post, 31st May 96

    McContrast of Opinions
    Protestors attend McD's annual shareholders' meeting.
    Oak Brook Press, 24th May 96, USA

    Big Mac Attacked Over Bow Drive-Thru
    Residents vow to fight burger giant's proposal for a restaurant
    East London Advertiser, 23rd May 96

    McViolence Vs Peaceful Protestors
    McDonald's Heavy handed tactics in Hollywood.
    Vegetarian Resource Centre, 19th May 96, USA

    We Don't Wanna McDonald's
    Slovak's against McDonald's invasion.
    17th May 96, Bratislava, Slovak

    Big Mac equals Heart Attack: It's Official
    Launch of Deluxe Burger
    VivaVegie Society, 9th May 96, USA

    Southampton Campaigner Wins Unlawful Arrest Case
    Anti-McD protestor wins case after 2 year struggle.
    Southampton, 19th April 96

    McDonald's Snap Up 1million Greengate Pub
    McDonald's move into Newbury Park
    Barking, Dagenham and Ilford Herald, March 96

    Locals Don't Relish Site Chosen By McDonald's
    Local anger over proposed store
    Newsday, 14 March 96 (USA)

    Animal Rights Protest At McDonald's
    Article on protest in Dublin
    Irish Times, 17 Oct 95