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Of course you do, he's part of your herd

Posted by: anon ( usa ) on September 11, 1997 at 21:52:44:

In Reply to: Vignettes and Commentaries posted by Quincunx on September 11, 1997 at 11:37:00:

: : As for children, my children have never been ones to cry to go eat someplace. We cook at home. We eat veggie burgers and tofu( does that surprise you).

: It doesn't surprise me. Anybody can do that. There's a place called Asia where people have been eating these foods for ages regardless of their political views .

Thanks for telling me about Asia. I had never heard of the place until you mentioned it.
: Sometimes they want a happy-meal toy and if they are good ones sometimes I let them get a happy-meal(that once a month trip). Sometimes I even make them pay for it with their allowance. As for Ronald, I would much rather them look up to Ronald than the Power Rangers.

: Do you tell them about the factory conditions in which these McDonald's trinkets are manufactured?

No, I haven't told them about the factory conditions. Right now I'm teaching them about world civilization. We're learning why ancient man first banded together in communities. Soon we will go on to world governments, when I will explain why socialism and anarchy will never work. I'm planning on highly indoctrinating them.

: But do they know the difference between naturally raised livestock and livestock which is genetically uniform and fed hormones in order to accelerate their growth? Children can understand these things.I did when I was a child and I've worked cattle operations of both types.I prefer to work a cattle operation that is small scale and uses natural raising methods.The chances of catching brucellosis, etc are minimal under such conditions.

They know the difference between their grandfather's small farm and factory farms. They also know the fish we catch out of his pond is better than store-bought, and that the produce we eat from his farm is better than produce shipped hundreds of miles.

: : But especially I'm concerned about people forcing dogmas on them. I don't want them to be sheep and they aren't.

: Hopefully you don't feel that Siamak is enforcing a dogma upon you or your chidren when he simply posts at this website.If that's imposing then I see a misunderstanding on the part of those who feel he is imposing a dogma.

Did I say that? I was trying to point out that I'm raising them to be individuals and make their own decisions.

: : Misleading advertising-------I guess I'm just not with it because I don't recall seeing advertisements that were misleading. If you're speaking of the hamburger patch I don't consider that misleading, just pretend.

: The McDonald's Trial showed a lot about misleading advertising . Especially the part about "pester power".

Children pester. Parent's can stop it. Turn of the tube. Sit in time out.
: (skipping)

: By the way I remember a few years back that McDonalds was soliciting opinions from mothers about substitutions in their Happy Meals, such as applesauce. I haven't seen that lately but at least they were making an effort.

: In my opinion it was a short-term puiblicity campaign.It's purpose was to paint a picture of McDonald's as a truly caring corporation.If you disagree then perhaps it's because I'm very suspicious of large corporations due to years of experience in marketing research.

: : I disagree with McSpotlight on one issue especially. Ronald McDonald Houses are a wonderful thing. I personally know people who have benifited from them. When a child is sick is a wonderful thing to have a place to stay that is either free or almost free. The most wonderful part is being around others who are faced with the same problems as yourself. I think it's very petty to ridicule their charitable contributions.

: I feel it's a healthy sign that everything that McDonald's does and is associated with is questioned. If you feel Siamak is petty then I'll have to disagree.

Feel free to disagree.

: Would it be better if they gave nothing?

: It would be better if they took their name (Mcdonald's) off of it.


: : Well I don't know if I surprised you(probably not, but I shouldn't presume).

: No surprises here. Just observing what (I sense is) an orchestrated assault on Siamak in order to exhaust him.I suspect a public relations firm (or McDonald's Corporation itself) has done psychological profiling and a team effort has been spent on analysing any weak spot he may have. I think Samuel Day Fassbider is another target as well.

Yes, you've figured me out. I was wondering how long it would take. At this very moment I've got five men in Brooks Brothers suits standing behind me telling me how to respond to both you and Siamak.
The girl in the next cubicle takes care of Samuel Day Fassbinder.

: By the way , are you the Nit Nurse or another composite character? Don't be offended . Some of us are just wondering.

Actually I'm kinda flattered that so many are thinking of me. You wouldn't believe the characterizations I have developed about some of you guys.

: P.S.: Siamak: Come over to our website sometime.I like your style.

Of course you do, he's part of your herd.

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