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Posted by: Ed Lane ( National Ongoing Campaign Against Copyright Knavery (N0 CACK), England ) on September 19, 1997 at 02:46:19:

In the spirit of Mcspotlight comes the Chocspotlight campaign, as UK children's entertainer Ed Lane fights Goliath-sized choc manufacturer and shop chain, THORNTONS PLC,.
Thorntons are Europe's largest choc makers with a taste for grabbing other people's creative work for conversion into boxed, choc format. Example: Ed's 'Jake the Drake' character of ten years, stolen 1996, and world-famous Coco the Clown, stolen 1997. Nice choc; shame about the business ethics.
Ed's High Court case was recently 'struck out' before reaching trial, after he made a simple slip in Court procedure. As he now licks his wounds and faces heavy costs, he is resolved to battle on, not for money, but to retrieve "the only bloody thing I have worth nicking."
Plenty of NG postings allied to this on UK LEGAL as Ed jabs away at the conscience of lawyers in the hope of getting a few scraps of legal help.
Victim of Thorntons' libellous nasties department and fiendish tactics of their legal hounds, Ed now looks beyond the ivory towers of High Court Chancery to highlight corporate bullying at its worst.

Thorntons plc (of Derby) are moving into the fast-track. According to Ed's notes from their last November AGM, they plan to gradually replace many of their sweetie shops with prime-site McBrownStuff cafes, after the style of we-know-who.

"When you reach rock bottom,
there's usually only one way left to go: -
Substrata !
says jake the drake

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