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animal rights over human rights?

Posted by: LT ( US ) on November 11, 1997 at 23:22:18:

One thing that's been bothering me is how the mc campaigners seem to focus almost exclusively on animal rights over people rights in the Third World. For example, their picketing of mcDonalds sights seems focused exclusively or gives priority to animal rights. It seems silly and unethical to me to give this kind of priority to animal rights over native people's rights.

I don't think it helps the campaign when its seen as an animal rights issue. As an animal rights issue, the anti-McD campaign will continue to gain only a small following. People, myself included, will think, 'why are they going after a restaurant for its treatment of animals?,
people have to eat, don't they?' Come on, most people will think it silly to have so much sympathy for the food that people need to eat anyway, wont they?

The anti-McD crowd need to put priority on the exploitation of native peoples first, the exploitation of mcD employees second, and animal rights third, and NOT the other way around like they are now!! McDonald's values profits over people but the anti-McD/campaigner crowd show that they value animal life over human life!!

That's why this anti-McD thing is really starting to alienate people like myself.

Most Americans will think its odd to protest a FOOD chain for killing animals, but I don't think anyone will think its odd if they knew/thought the cause was for starving children.

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