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Posted by: Rowelentless ( New York, USA ) on December 04, 1998 at 01:14:06:

I found this page like many others...by surfing and after really reading all this stuff , including the stuff on that waste of time trial. My question is why? Now I know that you'd like to have your voices heard , but most of this stuff is absurd. Trust me on this.


You constantly tell us that Mc D's food is unhealthy. NO DUH!!
Mc D's only says that about their low fat items. Now if they were saying a big mac was nutrtious that is another story. Keep your ears open about what Mc D's actually says before barking at them.


You shouldn't critize how the company markets their product. Like any other good company (Yes, good company) You have a right to post your veggie crap in the "underground" and other places as long as you have the money. You shouldn't have people deface signs or put dead cows in front of drive thrus. That is just plain stupid. There are other ways to show your voice. (Such as this ludicrious website)


I am happy to be an employee of my local McD's. I won't be there for life, but at least I will have a good experience.

As for the low wages/and hours in BRITAIN. FIX PARLIMENT NOW!! You guys in the UK NEED a min. wage like we do in the US and some CLEAR child labor laws. Then it won't seem like "slave" conditions.

I read the testimony in the trial from the ex employees. I ask WHY come in on your off day when you know you don't have to! I swear some people in the UK can be pretty naive.

In the US there are good and bad McD's. Most are good. So don't see a few stores (mostly in the UK) as the whole chain.

I should give you earth nuts credit for solving the styrofoam dilemma we had in the US about 10 years ago. But don't blame McD's for litter!
Dumb people do that. What about those worthless leaflets you guys send out on the UK streets. (I bet many throw them out and walk to eat a big mac.) Are THOSE made of recylced paper?

Oh please, what you do want farmers to do to yummy cows and chickens. Give them a luxury high rise with free cable? Hell no! They are treated better than those on death row! And stop trying to convert meat eaters to become veggie freaks. It is just plain dumb!

Free Speech
If the so called "Mc Libel2" didn't say things about McD's then they wouldn't be in this mess. And why are the wasting their time with an APPEAL! A total waste of british tax pounds (dollars) you might add.

And WHY Dave brought him and his son to "Mc Donald's fun day" at his day care center? If you knew that Ronald and "Team Corporate" were coming why didn't he take him to a movie or something instead?
Just plain dumb and Naive those two.

If you try to prevent a new store, or close an existing one, Mcd's will just laugh at you. It won't really bother them. Go and plant some trees instead.

Plain and simple. You can't stop it. If you don't like then move to a commie nation. They might chop your hand off for sending out a flyer on ANYTHING! Oh, there is no McD's in Iran, Cuba, or Iraq. Love captilalism. That's why we almost beat Sadamm's a#$.

So there you have it. I told ya why this site is a waste of space. My advice to Dave and Helen. Just quit. You should have taken the $$ instead, and Helen? Is beer WORSE than McD's?? Just a thought.

McSpotlight: As this post asks several questions I'll reply in a seperate post so that this post doesn't get held up while I'm moderating all the rest of the messages that have been sent in.

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