Bronwen Humphreys, Local Network Co-ordinator

The adults' "Vegetarian Friendship Circular" has been so popular that we've decided to set up another one for young vegetarians under 18. It's called the "Veggies Penpals Circular" and it works like this:

  • If you would like an entry, it's free, you just have to send us details of your name, address, age interests etc (not too long please).

This will be included in the Circular, which will be updated once a month. When we get people asking about penfriends, we'll send them a copy of the circular (SAE would be appreciated plus 15p to cover photocopying).

It replaces the pages of penfriends that used to be in Greenscene as there's no longer enough room for them.

Please help us to publicise it because the more people hear about it in the early stages, the more likely it is to be a success!

Note: The above is for Snail-mail pen-pals - if you'd like an email pen-pal contact Sam Calvert for further details. Enquiries to: