16 March - 4 April 1996

Each week (or so) McSpotlight will be updated on how the world's press has covered McLibel, McDonald's and multinationals in general.

'Big Mac on trial'

  • Thursday 14 March, The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

    'McLibel Internet site hit by thousands worldwide'

  • Friday 15 March, Tribune (UK)

    'Burgers and Choosers'

  • Saturday 16 March, The Guardian (UK)

    'The world is a soap-box on the Web'

  • Sunday 17 March, San Jose Mercury News (USA)

    'When it's a case of do-it-yourself justice'

  • Wednesday 20 March, Independent (UK)

    'Dutch McDonald's withdraws British beef'

  • Friday 22 March, Reuters

    'McDonald's bans our beef (only if you live in Holland)'

  • Saturday 23 March, Daily Mirror (UK)

    'McDonald's suspends use of British beef products'

  • Sunday 24 March, Reuters

    'McDonald's bans British beef'

  • Sunday 24 March, Sunday Express (UK)

    McDonald's decision to stop using British beef due to concerns over BSE and the implications of this move dominated the British media on Monday 25 March. Full-page adverts appeared in all the main newspapers from McDonald's, announcing their purported reason for withdrawing British beef and announcing the fact that the company expected non-British beef supplies to be in place by Thursday 28 March.

    'Why we should shun McDonald's'

  • Monday 25 March, Evening Standard (London, UK)

    'US warned of imminent Mad Cow Disease threat'

  • Tuesday 26 March, The Guardian (UK)

    'Anti-McDonald's activists take message online'

  • Wednesday 27 March, Associated Press

    'Fighting the herd instinct'

  • Wednesday 27 March, The Scotsman (UK)

    'Lies of the Land'

  • Wednesday 27 March, The Guardian (UK)

    March 28 - McDonald's publishes full-page adverts in all the UK newspapers, with the headline 'Big Macs are back at McDonald's today - new supplies of non-British beef'.

    'McHeadache: a tale of two activists'

  • Thursday 28 March, Londra Toplum Postasi (Newspaper of British Turkish-speaking communities)
  • 2 April, The Lawyer (UK)
  • April 1996, Green Wing (UK)

    'McDonald's in the dock'

  • April 1996, Peace News (UK)

    'McDonald's defeat'

  • April 1996, Red Pepper (UK)

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