30 May - 12 June 1996

Each week McSpotlight will be updated on how the world's press has covered McLibel, McDonald's and multinationals in general.

McSpotlight ethics given accolade

  • Featured Applied Ethics Web Site
  • June 1996, Green Wing (UK)
  • Summer 1996, Planetary Connections (UK)
  • June 1996, Legal Action (UK)

    "How to escape Euro 96 bores"

  • 12th June 1996, Evening Standard (UK)

    "McDonald's 'used police sources' in libel case"

  • 12th June 1996, Independent (UK)
  • 12th June 1996, Greater London Radio (UK)

    "Grilling Big Mac"

  • June 1996, Adelaide Voices (Australia)

    Last Week in the Media

    23 May - 29 May - Red Pepper exposes Japanese racist myths about 'healthy' McDonald's food
    16 May - 22 May -
    A quiet week: 'An American Cowboy in London' profiles McLibel witness Howard Lyman
    9 May - 15 May -
    'McMyths about McJobs': Strange Spectator article defends low-paid work for young people
    2 May - 8 May -
    Busy week, with McLibel featured on satirical TV show and analysis of McDonald's stranglehold over the UK
    24 April - 1 May -
    Highlight of the week: George Monbiot's Guardian on the absurdities of Britain's libel laws
    16 April - 23 April -
    Howard Lyman causes a storm on the Oprah Winfrey Show when Oprah pledges to give up burgers
    5 April - 15 April -
    A quiet week, but with interesting legal analysis from Legal Action
    16 March - 4 April -
    The BSE in beef crisis explodes, the media is saturated with McDonald's decision to ban British beef
    9 March - 15 March -
    Sensational five-page colour feature in the UK's Guardian Weekend on the McLibel Trial and McSpotlight
    2 March - 8 March -
    The world's press takes an interest in McSpotlight - articles in USA Today, Observer and Legal Action
    24 February - 1 March -
    Lots of mentions for McLibel. McSpotlight makes 'Global Hero' for March 1996
    17 - 23 February -
    Great headlines, media people: 'Big Mac's Critics Connect On Line', 'Burger Giant Under McSpotlight'...
    11 - 16 February -
    Our first week - not much press. Little did they know...

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