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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on November 19, 1999 at 00:43:22:

In Reply to: Whatever posted by Stoller on November 18, 1999 at 14:32:10:

A socialist cannot be made to understand you, Gee. To do so, he would have to cease being a socialist. One cannot be a Muslim if one does not believe in Allah or the teachings of the Koran. It just doesn't work.

Incidentally, the tourist and gambling industries depend on the $100 candy bar rule. Being able to buy a $100 candy bar (and the increases in pay and worker output that these sorts of consumer demands generate) is the key to the unmitigated success of capitalism. This is why Russian communists, surrounded with the goods to be had in a socialist paradise, opted to purchase $100 candy bars on the black market. And so on.

C'est la guerre.

Dr. Cruel

*"You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you" - Leon Trotsky, a.k.a. "Mr. War"

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