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Capitalism works shock!!

Posted by: Lark ( The Cheese Burger Battalion, Ireland ) on December 13, 1999 at 17:27:32:

I was down the market there the other day and I was buying playstation games for a fiver when I noted that some of the traders where selling them for seven pound, however faced with the fact that they wheren't going to sell anything had to rethink their pricing.

So capitalism works to a certain extent on a very micro level, it cant ever work the same on a global level because even if I got everyone in Ireland to boycott a product over pricing they capitalists would just go sell it in India or something.

Besides I know rightly that the guys producing the Playstation games at a fiver are probably producing and selling them at a three pound mark up so I'm still being done because capitalism gives license to the devious and cunning not the honest. Truth and commerce go together like Jesus and Satan.

I would also like to say Cheeseburgers and that the Cheeseburgers will never rest until Cheeseburgers are eaten and then there is Cheeseburger Freedom and Cheeseburgers are nice arent they, A steak burger with cheese, yummm, yummm.

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