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Wrong again

Posted by: Stoller on January 19, 19100 at 00:36:36:

In Reply to: What is Twin Oaks? posted by Lark on January 18, 19100 at 17:41:13:

: I was reading in a post down there somewhere about a place called twin oaks, why they? Are they the ones that used to be maoists and are now anarchos in a very popular and expanding commune? If they are where do I buy my air line ticket?

I've been to Twin Oaks, was offered membership there, used to post about it all the time in my Skinner days (remember?)

Twin Oaks is an intentional community dedicated to equal pay, job rotation, and which expects all citizens to work 45 hours a week.

They are also very 'PC' i.e, comments about gays being 'sick' wouldn't go over too well.

All in all, NOT your sort of place.

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