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You want a RUCK stroller?!! Stop Talking About Me Behind My Back!!

Posted by: Lark on February 25, 19100 at 11:02:14:

Now I know your a fithy Troskyist and prone to employ Filthy Trotskyist tactics when debating, that is, for the uninformed slander, abuse, insuations and lies (it's strange what passes for debate among trots, if it's any indication of the type of attitude they have for others then God help 'others' if they ever get power).

What my current problem is, is this 'Lark's me first politics' where the fuck did you get this?

Or the 'any further to the right' bullshit? You've really taken it one step to far, it was fine when you where acting Trot like and accusing me of being a liberal but accusing me of being right wing and selfish, fuck of and give us a break why dont you?

Yeah I can see how a post I made earlier that the duties of the revolutionary are to others in all circumstances and to adopt a non-partisan approach to doctrines, dogmas and institutions when faced with the choice between human life, the lives of working people if you want to 'mix it up' over class (Yeah and I've done my fair share of Hard Day's Graft if your wondering), is all very selfish and 'me first'.

I can see how ruling your life by an Iron Law of 'Fight oppression regardless of the author or the victim' is all very me first and selfishly right wing, fuck I'm virutally a member of the Republican Parties Christian Coalition with statements like that!!!

What about the party first, the class first, the holy word of Trosky/Lenin first? Or any of that nonsense.

As to the denial of class? What denial of class? There is a Class Struggle going on and at any time, but usually in backward or agrarian societies where people are less enfranchised into capitalism or the local power and privilege structure (contrary to Marx that), it can turn into a class war where the illusion of division and difference between the public and private leviathans falls away the state turns mercenary for Coca-Cola etc. However it's all ONE WAY, there is no working class, people will refer to themselves as working people but not working class, now why is that?

Perhaps Working class denotes voluntary poverty and the slumming of traditional lefties and trots? Perhaps the trappings of privilege attract the alienated working wage slave?

Now you can choose to ignore all this and read Marx and read more Marx like a God damned prophet or Jesuit or something but it will change absolutely nothing at all!!!

However, that's not the issue, what is the issue is your slander and lies, your saying I'm disloyal and traitorous (I've never evaded tax, I dont own stocks or shares, I dont think Tony Blair or Clinton or Gore are 'dangerously leftwing socialists', shit I never have more than 75 in my damn bank account!!, or anything else), you employ words like petite bourgousie or liberal to convey this and go crying about things to SDF instead of trying to debate with me, I want you to EAT YOUR DAMN LIES!!

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