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Ground War

Posted by: Joshua ( USA ) on April 19, 1999 at 18:25:27:

As many people said, an airwar cannot win a war. This is true, and is not disputed. The U.S. is conducting an air war at the moment, and this is going to gain them no ground.
Ground forces should, and will, I believe, be implamented. An air war cannot get these poor people home. The people must be protected, because they are not the KLA. I stress this, for many think some civilian setting at home is secretly plotting to kill some Serb policeman.
Also, this war is nothing like Vietnam. The situation is different, the terrian is different, and we are different. There is no doubt in my mind that, if we go in with troops, we will crush the Serbs. Our air support is vastly superior, and our equipment is better. We will lose people, make no mistake, but they will lose more.
To address the Russians, I believe they only want to get involved to feel important. Their society is going to hell (yes, it is our fault) and they need someting to bring their people behind the government. I don't think they will commit militarly, though. Of course, I could be wrong..........

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