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So what is to be done?

Posted by: Winslow Wacker ( USA ) on April 20, 1999 at 15:41:27:

In Reply to: Yay... posted by Red Deathy on April 19, 1999 at 13:27:20:

: hmm, yes, people do struggle, but until it becomes conscious struggle, i.e., until it is motivated by theory or wider goals of some sort, of a broader utopian vision, a direction and a specific aim (abolish the wages system, say), it won't get anywhere, sponteneism is dangerous, and can lead to serious defeats.

WW: Sounds like voluntarism to me. Tell me - where, if not from workers' daily struggles, will this theory, this "broader utopian vision", come from? Voluntarism is dangerous and can lead to serious defeats also.

: There is imperialism, but the real myth is 'national interest'

WW: Yes, there was and is exploitation in the "periphery", yet neither directly nor indirectly were\are the extra-European processes the decisive ones. If the question is posed in terms of what is the key - exploitation in the European "cores" or on the "periphery" of the world economy - then the answer empirically and theoretically always has to be exploitation in the "cores".

: WW: Well there are still a hell of a lot of big "Marxist-Leninist" groups outside of the USA (e.g. FARC and ELN in Colombia) who still serve up the old nationalist rigamarole.

: Usually because they are nasty old nationalists.

WW: Yeah, I have a big problem with people who say killing isn't murder when it's done for the sake of the faction.

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