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I was hoping you'd say exactly this

Posted by: Lark on April 26, 1999 at 14:02:46:

In Reply to: paid for nothing? posted by Gee on April 22, 1999 at 16:28:23:

: why do I get the uncomfortable feeling that % not working will go up, as per our cynical poster further up the board.

Yeah right Gee, I was hoping you'd say exactly this, your a big fan of "Rational self interest" right EG Greed no matter how much you've got you've got to have more, right? Well this is the drive that will keep people working, even if they drop in and out of the workplace each time they've earned enough for the particular commodity they crave!!

I'd like to point out that this is a really popular theory with some neo-liberal free market scum capitalists. Essentially they are saying that decommodified labour is a precondition to really good and libertarian capitalism, personally I think it's a prelude to really good libertarian socialism but some saying I'm a dreamer.....

I mean do people stop working currently the minute they earn enough to live? There are other factors such as greed, already mentioned, job satisfaction or labour for labours sake, achievement.

The greatest thing is that capital, that, that exists I'd like to see an acceleration in co-ops or collectivisation as an accompaniment to Citizens Wage, wouldnt be able to push people around. Shity authoritarian bosses would be rooted out because otherwise no one is going to work for you, unlike at present where they have to.

: Because your means to survival have to be created, try the same dynamic with units of food - same result.

Reasonable, reasonable, I'm in revolt against reason, everyone dies, long rule the strong state!!!

Before you think you where right about socialism all along I'm joking. What you say is true but it has been taken to an extreme by capitalism. Wealth, at least that acquired by the working class, is the result of self-sacrfiice, peoples accounts are really accounts of what they could have done, a failure to really live.

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