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Rich mans welfare state

Posted by: Lark ( DS, Ireland ) on May 25, 1999 at 14:20:16:

In Reply to: Everyone's a socialist...for themselves posted by Asarualim on May 25, 1999 at 11:04:08:

Yeah the majority of rich dudes are on welfare of one variety or another, subsidised left, right and centre and the Laissez faire people like Gee dont really seem that concerned about this, I mean in all the time I've been reading their posts I've heard about the evil of unions, the evil of democracy, the evil of taxation, the evil of education etc. but never once the evil of the scrounging rich etc.

They've even distanced themselves from it saying that it's a statist abrashion that only exists with the state but taking that they say all pursuit of self interest is justified then they appear to be contradicting themselves.

I dont think your right in saying that the middle class fits in with the workers as one of the groups liable to organise against all this, the Middle classes are the vanguard of the "third way" (in 1945 the third way meant corporatism in facist italy and nazi germany) labour in Britain have said that they're never going to appeal to the "have nots" again but the "have not enoughs".

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