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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on June 09, 1999 at 14:46:18:

In Reply to: Zat a proposal? DARLING! posted by Red Deathy on June 09, 1999 at 12:38:36:

: No, not if they are genuinely not harming the original community, and are not partaking at all in the world system- personally I look forward to the Capitalists Fucking off to their communes, therein to use money happily with each other- I'd take the kids along to give them a luagh....

the scenario -

"look daddy what are those huge buildings all the way to the sky, what are they made of, it cant be mud, and what are those people - the ones that look erm...'old' isnt it - how did they manage that, and we dont understand them, what is the word "I", we thought it had been forbidden by the wise ones."

I am ofcourse, 'aving a larf!

: Even if they built the Roads, they don't own them. If by claiming those roads as theirs they are imposing, in an Authoritarian way, upon the remaining members of the Community.

All the more reason for them not to get involved in the first place isnt it?

: : Hmmm, I remain unconvinced that this would motivate a person to do twice as much as the one 'sharing' his produce.

: The work is fulfillment in and of itself, hence why it must be voluntary, I work, because it makes me who I am.

I would repeat my above statement.

: : have fun

: I do.

Thats good. there are a lot of miserable socialists and libertarians alike, who see everything as tainted by the things they oppose, and are left unable to enjoy their own life. Whilst libertarians, in my experience, tend to 'get over it' socialists, in even less experience, sometimes think the misery is 'good' and personal pleasure is selfishness, ie they *should* be miserable in this wicked world etc. Ever encounter that?

: No, because a commune is not an example of socialism, i.e. a world-wide system of abundance.

Because I really cannot envisage a global acceptance of 'world socialism' by a vast majority (which it would need) in a small timeframe (which it would also need) I think the only way to develop it would be to demonstrate it and let the ideas compete. If socialism is the better idea (ie it works for a voluntary people better than anything else) it will grow. It doesnt require a short run cultural revolution - it might take decades to grow or wither.

: Ooooh, gold or a Pint- well 40 years from now it'll have to be a 440 mils.

Euro-mils probably

: You do it unconsciously, you do it automatically,

By asserting this its impossible to consider, just as if I said 'you see pink unicorns unconsciously, automatically' - are there explanations more grounded in observable testable reality?

It sounds as if this 'other' is actually the individuated self, the way you describe it.

: And you're right, it does mean the end of the concpet of the monadic Liberal Subject, and perhaps rightly so.

Like the snake which eats its tail that idea dissapears up its own loophole. It, to use the common phrase, doesnt make sense.

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